For most of my career I have been a piano playing musician/singer/composer/writer. I later joined the SABC where I wrote, directed and broadcast over a hundred TV Variety programs. I next worked as a writer/director for a company producing training videos after which I turned to writing books. Here is a brief résumé; 'Television through the Front Door’ , published by McGraw-Hill.

‘A Comprehensive Guide to Improvisation, Composition and Arranging’, Volumes 1 and 2 , Two Light Music Textbooks commissioned by the Department of Education.

‘Teach Yourself Basic Music Literacy’ available for purchase.
‘Forty-five Babies, and counting’ A true-life novel available for purchase.
‘Justice of the Wild’, a teen adventure novel available for purchase, now published as a paperback, a digital e-book and also. as an audio-book.
‘My Life in Two Chapters’ a Memoir by Cassie Yde, ghost-written by me, available for purchase.

I’m currently working on two other book projects;
‘Carruthers’, a crossover Fantasy Adventure/Romantic Novel, almost complete.
‘The Jesus Chronicles’, about the life of Jesus. This book will seek to present Jesus in a very different way.